The ART of Recovery program incorporates creativity and healing activities into everyday life - in and out of the gardens.

Creative projects and workshops are held in our Community Gardens to expose people to various hobbies focused on developing healthy habits and a safe community. Volunteers and Sustaining Members will be provided opportunities to explore expressive past times including gardening, journaling, painting, cooking, carpentry, and numerous other arts and crafts known to aid in our healing process and healthy communities.

Our long-term goal is to purchase or build a building for our volunteers (and eventual staff) to conduct support groups and workshops as well as provide a Safe Space Art Studio/Coffee Shop/Gallery for people recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress to create and share their creations; workshops on entrepreneurship and selling arts and crafts locally and online will also be offered. For now, we will create in the gardens 

Together, we can create the environment to not only survive but thrive, even following the most stressful experiences.

Come, Grow With Us!

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