Killeen Creators was founded in May of 2020.

In a live interview with Director Clayton Tucker (then-Senate candidate), our Founder and inspiration, Kelly Flading, shared her Vision of developing Community Gardens within walking distance of every resident of Killeen to alleviate our food desert situation which had recently worsened after losing the two grocery stores.

Co-Founder and Board Chair Kristin Wright talked with Flading that afternoon about starting a non-profit to realize Flading's vision AND Wright's vision to develop the Civic Empowerment and ART of Recovery Initiatives utilizing peer-support, gardening, art, and advocacy to cultivate healthy habits and environments.

That afternoon Director Louie Minor contacted Flading offering use of a lot he owns on Ave J for the first Community Garden!

Within a week, Flading, Wright, Tucker, Minor, and Flading's husband Brian and Wright's partner James McWilliams had met and decided to establish Killeen Creators. 

Directors Aya Eneli and Ken Wilkerson were invited to the founding board meeting on May 28th due to their passion and advocacy for our community, as well as Director Eneli's gardening and Director Wilkerson's business expertise.

Out of a Vision shared and a Mission articulated, the founding board and bylaws were created and the first two Community Gardens were established in 2020. We chose the name Killeen Creators because we believe in empowering people through our individual and our collective ability to CREATE.  Each day, with every thought, word, and deed, we CREATE - our selves, our relations, and our greater Killeen community.


Sadly, our original inspiration, Kelly Flading, passed away in June of 2021.

We celebrated her life at our Community Garden on Bundrant, naming it the Kelly Flading Community Garden.

We carry her spirit, and the spirit of all seeds - the ideas, visions, hopes, and hungers - with us every day, as we grow our gardens, our health, and our community.

Her dream lives on in us and our creations.

In 2021 Killeen Creators received our 501(c)3 designation as a public charity, allowing us to receive tax-deductible donations and apply for grants.

Our 2nd & 3rd Community Gardens have been launched and our ART of Recovery & Civic Empowerment Initiatives infuse all we do.

Together, We Grow & Create Our Community