Let's GROW the 18th St. Community Garden Start-Up Fund!

The Killeen Creators' board of directors is excited to announce the donated use of another lot for our THIRD Community Garden!

This Community Garden will be right downtown - where it's needed most - on 18th Street. 

But FIRST, we must raise the funds to cover clean-up and disposal fees, lumber for 25 garden beds, soil, compost, weed block, and mulch.

So we can take it from this:


to THIS!:



We stretch EVERY dollar a loooooong way (having no overhead building or staff costs), meaning every dollar you donate goes directly into the garden!

Please chip in what you can - whether it's $5 or $500 - and share this link to your social media or via message or text to help get the word out. 

TOGETHER, we CAN create the Killeen we want for ourselves, our children, and our neighbors!

$1,334.22 raised so far. Help us get to $2,000.00

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