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Killeen Creators is a community development organization with a mission to relieve the impact of food deserts for the poor and distressed while building individual and community capacity through our Community Garden, Civic Empowerment, and ART of Recovery Initiatives.

In addition to direct services, our members have come together to create a Mutual Aid Fund to help community members with basic needs during times of community or personal crisis. 

If everyone who has the privilege of a warm home, transportation, good health, and disposable income pitch in what we can, we can help our neighbors through critical junctures which threaten basic needs of shelter, food, and water. 

Thank you for considering how much you can contribute to this fund and doing your part to fill the gaps in our community's safety net.

Whether you can donate a 1x larger amount, or $5 or $50 a month, knowing your contribution is coming will allow the MAP Committee members to make prudent and fair decisions in approval and distribution of funds.

Donate on this page to support our Mutual Aid Fund to help vulnerable neighbors in times of crisis.

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